GIF Diary: Reacting to the Apple Launch

iPhone 6s

As you may well have heard, Apple hosted a pretty action-packed event this week, unveiling a host of new devices for us all to drool over. But whilst a classic news story is all well and good, we thought we’d offer a more candid approach on the event with our reaction GIF diary for the show!

Entertaining everything from the new iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and Apple TV, here’s what we thought of Apple’s biggest event to date!

Why are we waiting?

For many, this meant taking in the sights and sounds of San Francisco on a crisp September’s morning, before Apple opened its doors.

For us, it meant working late in front of an iPad Mini and a blank word document waiting for Apple’s live stream to kick off.

…Still waiting!

Everyone’s probably getting all excited after being allowed into Apple’s auditorium, unfortunately, Apple still hasn’t turned on its cameras, so we’re left waiting.

*goes to make enough cups of tea to last through the show*

The Beginning of the Livestream!

OMG! OMG! OMG! The livestream has started! However, the show itself is yet to get going…

Lovely hold music…

You know when you ring up the Student Loans Company, or your mobile phone network? Yeah Apple is showing off its own style of hold music, which is actually quite catchy!

*Proceeds to dance along to livestream music*

Tim Cook Steps on Stage!

Aaaaand we have lift off! Tim is promising to show off an awful lot of tech with his opening statement, we’re giddy with excitement! The crowd is going a bit bonkers as well…

…And here comes the Apple Watch…

Not really what we tuned in for if we’re being honest Tim. At first mention we thought he was on about a new watch altogether, but he’s only talking about the Watch 2.0 OS and some expensive looking straps. If only we had a six figure salary…

A Doctor comes on and talks about Airstrip

If you work in a hospital this is cool, but we don’t, so it’s not all that exciting. We can pretend though, right?

“The Biggest News in iPad, Since iPad”

The iPad Pro is real, and it’s packing one heck of a screen! 12.9”, that’s bigger than some laptop screens! This announcement has nearly made us take an early bathroom break!

Apple Pencil?

Well, Apple has changed its tune, hasn’t it? It does look pretty cool though, so we’ll let it slide…

iPad Pro Demos

We’re seeing plenty of iPad demos for fancy features. Dare we admit that we only really want it for shopping online, watching films and playing games? Simulating arthritis was next up in our to do list though, promise…

iPad Pro Pricing

$799?! That’s £500 for us here in the UK! Our bank accounts are now shuddering in fear, this tablet could actually destroy our wallets…

New Apple TV

Wow, Apple is really fluffing this launch out. Guess we have to bear through this to get to the real money-maker…

Multiplayer Crossy Road!

Is it wrong that we find this the most exciting part of the Apple TV announcement? Admittedly, it look like it could be really, really fun…

More Apple TV?

Yes Apple, we know you do TV, can we please move on now? It’s getting kind of late…

Apple TV Price

Yeah, our attention is elsewhere now this part of the show is coming to an end. We’ve got a part-written word document that needs some iPhone 6s information Tim! Also, it’s getting close to 7.30pm now, dinner is calling!

The iPhone 6s Arrives!

At last! The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are here, and they look pretty sweet.

Wait, rose gold? That’s pink Mr. Cook, just come out and say it…

3D Touch

This is the biggie, and it does the job, but is it really as revolutionary as Touch ID? Or Siri?

A new iPhone Camera!

Let’s all get our photography hats on shall we? The new Live Photos feature is also looking like a nice touch as well, safe to say we’re impressed by this upgrade. 

A dig at Android

Apple is releasing an app onto the Google Play Store to bring more people to iPhone? Sneaky tactic from Apple.

Android better be applying ice to the burnt area…

iPhone Prices Announced, Same as last year!

Are you feeling alright, Tim? iPhones are normally rising in cost year on year, but we’ll take this as a win! What’s more, pre-orders start on the 12 Septemer, and the phones launch on the 25th! We’re already throwing wads of bank notes at our screen…

Enter OneRepublic

Apple is closing things out with OneRepublic. We like them a lot more than U2, but we can’t really hear them over our frantic typing. Besides, we can listen to them later on with Apple Music instead!

And that’s that!

Our iPhone 6s news story has gone live! And we’re now sitting in the office envious of all those on the West Coast demoing the new kit. It looks like our iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 will have to suffice…

So, what did you make of the iPhone 6s announcement? Do you think you’ll be buying it? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield