App of the week: Weather Dog

App of the week: Weather Dog

With the sun having finally made an appearance this weekend, the British public has declared that summer is officially here. Or so we hope. With our famous Great British weather, nothing is ever certain, which is why this week’s app of the week is great for planning your schedule- or your wardrobe- for the week ahead.

Weather Dog

As you might have guessed, Weather Dog, in simple terms, is a weather app. It’s not, however, just your bog standard weather app! Rather than displaying the day’s forecast with pretty pictures of sun and rain clouds, Weather Dog doubles up as your own virtual pet dog...

Using’s daily and weekly weather forecasts, Weather Dog visualises the upcoming conditions using his body; if it’s blowing a gale outside, watch Weather Dog’s ears flap in the wind, and if he’s sat in the snow shivering, you know you’ll be needing a coat.

What’s more, the app enables you to discern what the weather is doing outside with one single glance; because Weather Dog’s background changes to reflect the current climate, you won’t find yourselves having to interpret what various symbols or numbers found in traditional weather forecasts actual mean.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to pin-point your exact location and also lets you explore the weather in any town or city from across the globe. Amongst the fun elements of the app, Weather Dog is accurate in providing you with an indication of predicted rain, wind speed and temperature, meaning you can trust the app’s every forecast.

And if you’re really bored after finding what the sun is doing outside, the app even allows you to stroke Weather Dog on his nose (think Tamagotchi!) or wake him up if it’s he’s dozed off under the stars. If you’re lucky you’ll even hear him bark!

The app really is just a light-hearted take on the traditional weather app, and recreates those Tamagotchi memories from your childhood.

To download the app:

The app is completely free to download for iOS and Android mobile phones

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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