App of the week: LookAway Player

App of the week: LookAway Player

This week’s app of the week is for all the movie watchers of you out there!

Watching a video or trailer needs your full attention but when someone interrupts you, you sometimes can’t pause the trailer fast enough.

That’s where LookAway Player comes in.

LookAway Player

LookAway Player incorporates the standard YouTube player and the iPhone’s built-in-eye-tracking technology.

The app is powered by Cube26’s natural gesture recognition technology, allowing the app to accurately gauge your facial interactions.

Instead of getting frustrated when you miss an important part of the trailer or video and having to rewind it, simply look away. LookAway gives you the opportunity to look away from your device and not miss a second.

Not only will LookAway pause when you LookAway, if you ‘shush’ the video it will mute. Despite shushing being considered rude, with this app it’s the done thing!

To use LookAway, simply search for the YouTube video you want to watch or choose from the list of trending videos on the app.

When you want to pause the video, as the name suggests, just look away, and to get the video started again, just turn back.

To mute the video lift your finger to your lips and ‘shhh’: the video will mute. Repeating the gesture will bring the sound back again.

To download the app:

The app is completely free so why not download it today and get away with shushing in public!

Find the app in your app store and follow the instructions to set your personal sensitivity settings. Never miss a second of your favourite videos again!

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Written by Hannah Anderson

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