9 Things to do during the long wait for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

If you hadn’t heard already, Apple is jumping on the wearable bandwagon and has unveiled its very first smartwatch – which is now available to pre-order. However, following the massive uptake in pre-orders (even for the Watch Edition, which is ridiculously priced) it won’t be until June until you get one delivered from here on out.

So, what can us late risers do during the time between actually ordering our next piece of gadgetry and finally having it delivered in the post?

Watch 768 Football Games Back to Back!

You could watch plenty of football between now and the arrival of your Apple Watch!

That’s right; if you’re a football nut who has an interest in technology, why not watch 768 games of football in a row?

Of course, the likelihood of you actually being able to watch this amount of games in a row is a physical impossibility with all that sleeping and eating malarkey we tend to do. However, even if you trimmed a fair few games off that total we reckon you’d still get more than your fill of the beautiful game!

Pay Attention to the General Election

Will you read into the General Election while you wait for your smartwatch?

Not sure about which smartwatch you should buy? Why not take a look at the LG Urbane smartwatch instead? 

There’s an election coming up, you know? And it might pay off to actually know what some of those big wigs down in the House of Commons are actually chatting about when it comes to picking a leader for the country.

Admittedly, it’s not the most exciting option – so we can understand if you’d prefer to watch paint dry or watch hundreds of repeated episodes of Location, Location, Location, but it is an option…

Run 256 Consecutive marathons

Have you ever run a marathon? Why not run 256 in a row?

More for those who want to make sure that their Apple Watch doesn’t berate their level of fitness when they finally open up their Health app on the device.

Judging by the average marathon time (around 4 hours and 32 minutes) you could complete 256 consecutive marathons – and deal with the inherent health issues afterwards. It’s just a shame that our Apple Watches won’t be curing blisters or nipple chafe anytime soon!

Recharge your iPhone 48 Times

How many times do you charge your iPhone each week?

Yep, can you believe we’re less than 50 days away from June? But this also means that your iPhone battery will need numerous recharges before it can even link with your future wearable device.

With the current state of iPhone batteries, you’ll need to charge your handset another 48 times before the Apple Watch arrives. This pales in comparison to older handsets like the Nokia 3210, which would probably still stand at 90% by the beginning of June, so if you have one of those then you needn’t worry!

Binge Watch a TV Show

Why not watch Better Call Saul while you wait for your Apple Watch?

Whilst you will need to charge your phone plenty of times, you can still take advantage of some of its great services between now and the estimated arrival date of your Apple Watch.

Video streaming is probably your best bet, and with Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul both in full flow – either will be able to fill up some of that time which would be otherwise spent staring at that order confirmation email for your smartwatch. If you fancy something a bit more intense, you can still watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad, or get started with House of Cards, amongst plenty of others…


You could try hibernating ahead of your Apple Watch arrival?

Winter is long gone, but if you don’t fancy seeing all of those Facebook posts from people who ordered the Apple Watch on time – you could go down the route of hibernation.

Whether you simply tuck yourself into bed for the next six weeks, or head out into the wilderness for a more natural feel – we can pretty much guarantee that your Apple Watch will be waiting for you when you awake from your slumber. Admittedly, this won’t do wonders for your bank account – but then again, who needs money when you’ve got a duo of powerful Apple gadgets?

Have 48 Consecutive BBQs!

What better to do with your time other than have a BBQ?

What’s the best thing about the warm weather? BBQs of course! So why not indulge yourself with ketchup covered beef for 48 consecutive days ahead of the Apple Watch’s arrival?

Honestly, we can’t think of anything better than constant flame-grilled goodness each evening – even if your new wearable acquisition might have you go on a run because of the amount of food you’ve eaten. At least Apple knows what’s good for us…

Go on Holiday!

You could go abroad to avoid that anxious wait for an Apple Watch

You won't want to risk travelling with that iPhone, will you? Why not take a look at the best phones for when you head abroad

If the spring weather isn’t quite meeting your needs and you simply can’t bear to hang around in the UK whilst other Apple Watches are dished out ahead of yours – why not head abroad?

You could head to Miami, Rio, Rome, Barcelona or even further afield if you like, and it’s almost guaranteed to take your mind off that smartwatch for a while. If you don’t fancy flying, why not try a staycation instead? This has the advantage of being close enough to head home if by some miracle your Apple Watch is delivered early!

Bury Your Head in Work…

If none of the above suit your needs, just bury your head in work!

This might not sound like the most entertaining prospect – but it’s arguably the most practical of our list. Also, if you work hard enough – you’ll get a pay rise from your boss, which could fund one of those fancy Apple Watch straps as well!

Plus, with all your work done by the time the smartwatch arrives, you’ll have plenty of spare time to play around with it during office hours (even though this could lose you that pay rise we just mentioned!).

So, there you have nine things to fill your time whilst you’re waiting for the Apple Watch to make its way to your door. Can you think of anymore? If so, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield