Seven Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7


One of the flagship releases of 2016 so far, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available to buy online and in-store, provided you have the cash spare to pick up the phone. But should you buy the new Samsung phone right away?

To help you out, we’ve come up with seven great reasons why you should be investing in the Samsung Galaxy S7 right now. So if you’re still trying to decide, these reasons should help you out…

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It Looks Awesome

We’re not just saying this – you can take a look for yourself with our S7 review. But let’s face it, the S7 looks superb. Providing a glass panel and metallic build throughout the phone, this Samsung device is one of the best looking on the market.

The smooth design isn’t just for show either, it fits in the hand brilliantly, and the handset is also surprisingly easy to grip considering the glass build. This means that it can slide in and out of your pocket without issue, but won’t be a nightmare to hold onto when being used.

Finally, at just 7.9mm thin, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a brick around with you either…

How good does the Galaxy S7 look?

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Don’t Call it a Comeback

One thing which definitely didn’t impress the masses last year with the S6 was the lack of a MicroSD Card slot, offering Samsung users no way to improve storage from the hard drive inside the device. Fortunately, the South Korean company has seen the error of its ways, and has brought back the additional storage slot.

Whilst the S7 has a more than serviceable duo of internal storage amounts (32GB or 64GB), having that extra slot there can prove the difference – especially if you’re a movie or music buff.

The S7 Can Handle Water

What do you get when you mix electronics and water? Normally, the answer is a glorified paperweight, but that’s not the case with the Galaxy S7. Thanks to its critically acclaimed IP68 chipset, this Samsung device can survive plenty of punishment – including full submersion.

There is a limit to how much the phone can handle – around half an hour at the depth of a metre, but it still proves much more durable than the likes of the iPhone 6s and other big time handsets.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to go ahead and make calls whilst you’re underwater, but it definitely helps if you happen to drop your S7 in the sink or god forbid, down the toilet.

No need to worry, the S7 is waterproof!

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It Packs a Mighty Punch

We all like a good looking phone, but something which we love is when a phone looks good and has the internal spec sheet to match its beauty as well. Lucky for us, the S7 does just that, bringing one of the best looking spec sheets of the year so far into play.

Boasting an all-new Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB RAM and an octa-core chipset, the Galaxy S7 doesn’t let us down with its performance. Add to this a sizeable internal memory and a 3000mAh battery and you’ll be struggling to find a weak spot for this smartphone.

Whilst the real challenge will likely be centred around the launch of the iPhone 7, it seems that Samsung has done all the right things so far.

Android Marshmallow at your Service

One thing which will definitely entice many smartphone fans to the S7 is that the handset already has Android Marshmallow installed. This may sound trivial, but at the moment the system is still hard to find on most Google powered phones, with the update seemingly reserved for only the most powerful devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is clearly one of these handsets, offering more than enough power to warrant having Google’s latest mobile software.

As ever, Samsung has crammed its own Touchwiz UI on top of the operating system, ensuring that it won’t look the same as many other Marshmallow toting devices. However behind the scenes it will run as normal.

The best camera phone on the market?

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Dual Pixel Camera Fun

One of the biggest new features which made its way onto the S7 was that of Dual Pixel technology, which improves the quality of pictures taken on the S7. It even improves the user experience as well, allowing you to focus faster and grab pictures quicker than ever before.

Whilst this has obvious implementations, making for better and faster images, Samsung’s own software also makes for easy to use and simple image capture, meaning that the S7’s camera is a doddle to use.

On top of all this, you even get HD quality video recording to make use of as well, so if you’re a budding director, you’re in luck…

Get the Gear VR Experience

One of the newest trends on the market, virtual reality has quickly developed into one of the most sought after pieces of tech yet. Samsung has been smart with its marketing of its own headset, the Samsung Gear VR – offering it free with any S7 and S7 Edge pre-order, and some post-release purchases.

This means that when you buy the S7, you don’t only get the phone, you get your own VR experience as well – all without paying a penny.

If you haven’t had the chance to trial the kit just yet, why not grab the Galaxy S7 and pick up your free headset? It could be the best decision you make this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield