7 Interesting Facts About the iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Following the latest iPhone to ripen off the Apple tree, people outside the technosphere may be wondering what features make this latest instalment so different from its predecessors.

We’re not talking about the highly publicised changes, such as the removal of the audio jack in favour of a lightning adapter, and its admittedly impressive water-resistant nature. We will instead focus on the more nuanced adaptations for the iPhone 7 which are not so readily acknowledged by the general public.

The features may be subtle, but they are plentiful, so with no further ado, let’s take a look.

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Time for Taptic!

Apple has usurped the traditional home button through the creation of a swanky Taptic engine, which provides haptic feedback, such as vibrations, in order to give the impression of a physical home button.

The Taptic engine isn't merely a feature of the home button however, throughout the phone there are increased vibrations when using apps. Which may in particular be a sway towards the iPhone 7 for online gamers, as the vibrations have become an in-play feature.

The TouchID fingerprint remains underneath the Taptic engine for those wishing to use Apple Pay and other secure online systems, so really nothing has majorly changed, although it may take some time for punters to get accustom to.  

More Storage…

Is the iPhone 7 up to your standards?

The increase in storage space from 16GB to 32GB for the basic iPhone 7 is a shrewd move by Apple. Optimising a sense of getting your money's worth for the customer, as opposed to a feeling of deflation upon not being able to fit all your apps, photos and music on the phone.

The expanded lifestyles we lead from our phones means this was a move Apple had to make or it would have been in danger of moving sideways and not forwards.

Specs for days!

Speaking of moving forwards technologically, the iPhone 7 has doubled up on the CPU power for the A10 Fusion chip. In simple terms, it has got even faster. Not only that, but it is able to do so without any lag or buffering no matter how many apps are open or the magnitude of notifications you're receiving.

This doesn't directly impact battery life, which is still not to the standard many would like, but it does mean that even when you've got low battery you don't have to worry about an app taking 30 seconds to open and wasting precious procrastination time.

Camera Improvement 101

Next, there is the implementation of the anti-shake stability technology within the vanilla iPhone 7 for those budding Instagramers in the world.

Supported by a development in the two LED flashes found in the camera, it puts and end to unnaturally bright colours in photos. It also focuses on the attention to detail during shots, picking up specific colours which would’ve been missed in previous efforts.

A Kinder Screen

How do you find the screen on the iPhone 7?

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On the subject of picking up colour, the broader colour gamut as well as the significant brightness injection has put an end to squinting with difficulty at your phone because of the sun's glare.

Specifically, there is a hefty 25% more brightness than on the iPhone 6, which is a massive step up. Simply put, you’ll see quality when using the iPhone 7, not something that will make you make your eyes go fuzzy.

Raise to Wake

On the topic of the screen, the iPhone 7 does not even require its user to tap the home button to turn it on. Rather, the screen immediately flashes on whenever you pick it up.

This allows for quick access, and aids those who want to slyly check their phone at work without the need to fumble around in an attempt to click it on.

Software isn’t so soft!

Lastly, in terms of the improved software, there a few small changes which may be beneficial in ways you probably wouldn't have ever thought of before.

Widgets have now been transferred to the lock screen so there isn't even a requirement to actually go into the phone if you need to swiftly get to an application.

iOS 10 is here and on point...

Photos can now be taken whilst listening to music, which, if you'll pardon the pun, we’re sure is music to the ears of many an iPhone fanatic. Not forgetting the increased armoury of emojis and the new doodling capabilities in the messaging app.

So, there you have 7 interesting facts and features about the iPhone 7 will have hopefully helped you make the call on the value of switching to Apple's latest superphone, or confirmed that actually you’re fine with your antique device (disclaimer: We’re definitely joking.)