How Big is Too Big? The Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0

How Big is the Samsung Galaxy Mega?

As the years have gone by we’ve seen our smartphone screens grow, from the miniscule efforts in the early noughties, to the humongous phablets of today.

But the next Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone is rumoured to be taking things to a whole new level with a mooted 7” display.

This will be by far the biggest display on a smartphone, with the Sony Z Ultra coming closest with a 6.4” screen.

But how big is too big? Will we really be able to carry a 7” smartphone around with us?

Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0

Samsung Phablet

Samsung is known for pushing the boundaries of smartphones that’s for sure.

It introduced the first flagship camera based smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy Zoom, and is now increasing the size of the Mega up from 6.3” all the way to 7”.

To put this into context, the iPad Mini sports a 7.9” display, making the Samsung Galaxy Mega less than an inch smaller than a full blown tablet.

In terms of power, we aren’t getting all that much from the Mega either, which is set to pack a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1.5GB RAM and 8GB internal memory.

It really does make you wonder just what is going into the Galaxy Mega’s gigantic chassis if it isn’t processing power, and to be completely honest, we’re not entirely sure.

The 8 megapixel camera lens isn’t exactly massive, and the other areas of the handset aren’t serial space hoggers either, meaning that Samsung is simply trying to bring in large screen lovers, rather than those who rate power above all else.

Thankfully, the pricing won’t be quite as high as a flagship smartphone which makes for good reading, with a sim-free Mega pricing up at around £400-£450.

With phones constantly changing year upon year, what can we expect from smartphones over the next five years? 

The Galaxy Mega makes the S5 and Note 3 look tiny in comparison

Why Get the Samsung Galaxy Mega?

The key selling point for the Mega is obviously its display’s size, which will clearly be ideal for watching films, browsing the web and playing games.

Specs for the display haven’t been revealed yet, but you would assume that Samsung will put a generous amount of time and effort into it, with the possibility of full HD being included.

This basically turns the Mega into a tablet which is just about small enough to carry around with you, maybe in your bag or purse.

You will obviously be able to use the handset for texts and calls, but also for all of our tablet needs as well, making it a bit of a phablet/tablet hybrid.

But with iPhone users still happily working with a 4” display, and Galaxy S5 users seemingly content with their 5.1” screens, it will take a lot to get them to up their displays by such a hefty amount.

This is the real challenge that Samsung has set itself, it’s all well and good convincing consumers to increase their screens by an inch, but to go to such an high level seems quite extreme.

Also, as over a third of Brits already own a tablet, it will be hard to tempt them into investing in another tablet sized device.

You never know, we might be proven wrong; the Galaxy Mega might just take off and usher in the latest era of larger smartphone screens.

For now though, we think we’ll continue to play it safe with our so-called ‘smaller screens’…

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Mega?

Not your sort of thing? You want you could always pick up the more 'regular sized' Samsung Galaxy S5 instead! 

What are your thoughts on a 7” Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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