The 6 Types of Smartphone Users

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From the ultra-light user to the smartphone expert, we all use our phones differently. What kind of user are you? Do you obsessively check Facebook every ten minutes or do you only use your phone to make calls to your grandchildren?

Take a look at the 6 types of smartphone users and let us know where you fit in!

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1. The iPhone Addict

In their mind, nothing compares to their 128GB iPhone 6s. They scoff at Android, and will never accept that any phone not manufactured by Apple could be better than theirs. They’d rather use an iPhone 4s than a Galaxy S7 – that’s how dedicated to their favourite brand they are. They probably own a MacBook Air, an iPad, and an iPod Touch they never use anymore. Oh, and don’t even think they’d ever use a phone case – it just ruins the design.

2. The Snapchat Nutter

They’re always taking selfies, and have opinions on all the lenses – “you either love or hate the dog filter.” Their Snapchat score is in the hundreds of thousands, their friend list packed with people they barely know, and their story always more than a minute long. (We just tap, tap, tap until it’s over. Don’t tell them.)

3. The Food Blogger

Well, not exactly. They just insist on taking a picture of every single dish they make, eat, or even their table neighbour’s pizza, if it looks good enough to post on their Instagram account. Their food is always cold – lukewarm at best – by the time they get to eating it. But they don’t mind, for Instagram fame is more important than actually enjoying a meal.

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4. The Gamer

Candy Crush, Temple Run, Angry Birds… Any mobile game you can think of, they’ll either be playing, have played, or are planning on playing. They probably spend more money on games and in-app purchases than they do on food. At least they come in handy when you’re stuck on a particular level in a game they excel at.

5. The Grandma

They don’t care about their (probably not so smart) phone. They only got one because everyone was telling them to do it. They only ever use it to make calls, or send the occasional text, and it’s probably off as we speak – they never bother to charge it. Why would they, when they’re just as reachable on their landline?

6. The Social Media Mogul

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+ (just kidding, no one uses Google+) – they’ve got multiple accounts across all platforms, thousands of followers, and are posting at least once every hour to keep their faithful followers updated on everything they do. The updates are so constant and never-ending, we may have muted them on Twitter.

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