6 Places you can use Apple Pay in the UK

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has hit the UK, and people everywhere are ensuring that their bank cards are on the app and ready to go. However, with it being so exciting to get this brand new feature, many of us are still clueless as to how and where to use it!

So, with all this giddiness, let’s get back down to Earth for one second to find out how you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to splash some cash!


Fancy picking up some peri-peri chicken with Apple Pay?

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Where better to kick off your smartphone payments than your nearest Nando’s restaurant, eh?

You'll be able to grab yourself a tasty little number to suit any spice level, and you can do it in the cheekiest of fashion by rocking up to the till and wowing the cashier with the latest iPhone feature.

Not only will you be ensuring that your status as a ‘legend’ will be confirmed, but you’ll also be the envy of everyone in the building who are still paying with those regular old bank cards!


Apple Pay can cover your petrol costs!

Need to fill that petrol tank up, but don’t fancy dealing with the hassle of being over or under that much sought after solid pound pricetag? Lucky for you, your iPhone should be keeping you covered!

Not only will you be able to pay for petrol, but you can also stock up on all those snacks to keep you going through the notoriously poor traffic we all face on every daily commute. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your total cost comes to £20 or less, as this is the current limit on contactless payments!

Good luck getting a decent amount of petrol with that!


Grab a Starbucks coffee without needing your wallet!

If you’re in need of a hot drink with your name misspelled on the cup then you’re iPhone could well be helping you with that endeavour very shortly!

Whether you want a large cappuccino or a more regularly sized cup of tea, Apple Pay will be offering to take on the bill and keep you cushy, along with the leather sofas which tend to feature in all of their stores!

So, if you need some caffeine to get yourself going, your iPhone could now become an important part of your morning routine!

Post Office

Who's have thought that the Post Office would be rocking Apple Pay?

Arguably the most useful place to make use of the latest iPhone feature on the market, the Post Office is now accepting Apple Pay for all your delivery based needs!

Whether you’re just picking up some stamps or returning that huge clothes order you made last week, your iPhone will help you cover the cost without making you visit a cash point. This ensures that your phone will offer you an even better service, maybe even a ‘1st class performance’. Yeah, we’re sorry about that one…

Transport for London

Forget using your Oyster card, your iPhone can handle it now!

Do you live in London? Or visit it from time to time? If so, your tube journey just got that little bit easier to handle, with the Apple Pay feature also being able to work like a contactless card as you jet-set about the capital!

By simply beeping through the barriers with Apple Pay, you’ll be able to dodge the queues around the ticket terminals without any hassle whatsoever!

Mind you, it won’t help you squeeze onto a carriage during rush hour, that task is still completely down to you!


Can't beat a Maccy D's can you?

Apple Pay is a great addition onto the iOS operating system, but why should we be excited for iOS 9? 

That’s right ladies and gents, the McDonalds drive-thru has just gotten even more tempting, as you won’t even need your wallet to pick up that McChicken Sandwich meal you’ve been craving!

This obviously means bad news for waistlines across the country, as it isn’t the most nutritious of meals, but it definitely helps your wallet cut the weight of all those coins that are likely to stack up from consecutive visits!

Also, you’ll be free and easy to use it in-store as well, so you can show off your magical new smartphone feature to all those youngsters behind the tills as well!

So, there you have six places to put the latest iPhone feature to work! Do you think you’ll be giving Apple Pay a go anytime soon? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield