50 Things To Do With Your Smartphone

50 Things To Do With Your Smartphone

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1. Make calls

Yeah, we still make calls - what of it?

2. Text

For when a phone call is unnecessary...

3. FaceTime / Skype

Because just hearing your voice isn't enough anymore...

4. Check your emails

As long as you aren't that person who sends a work email at 1am on a Saturday...

5. Check Facebook

Passive aggressive comments and compliment fishing posts all available at the touch of a button...

6. Check Twitter

Read up on all of those mean tweets you probably don't get...

7. Check Instagram

Who doesn't love Instagram?

8. Take photos

Because you need proof you went on holiday...

9. Take selfies

Taking selfies

join the craze, you can even use a selfie stick.

10. Shoot videos

If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say?

11. Edit photos

Filters FTW... Here are our favourite photo editing apps.

12. Edit selfies

Crows feet? Nope, never had them - just look at my selfies...

13. Edit videos

Because sometimes you need to trim your clips via a mobile app...

14. Listen to music

Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and the Backstreet Boys - what a playlist...

15. Listen to podcasts

Comedy, drama, sports - it's all coming through your phone.

16. Calculate tips / discounts

Nothing's worse than admitting you can't do mental arithmetic...

17. Pay for your purchases

Don't carry cash, carry your phone instead.

18. Play Candy Crush

Admit it, you love it - even if you're tired of those Facebook requests...

19. Play Neko Atsume

Cats, cats, cats... Here are our best apps for cat lovers.

20. Play Angry Birds

You won't beat our top score, so don't try...

21. Read eBooks

Learn how to cook, or read the Art of War - it's up to you...

22. Time your pasta / pizza / cake

Hmmm... Pizza.

Because burnt food is the worst kind of food...

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23. Count your steps

Those Fitbit challenges won't win themselves you know...

24. Track your sleep

Catch those Zs and monitor them on your phone...

25. Monitor your heart rate

Keep your ticker in check.

26. Use it as a compass

Need to head due north? Your phone has you covered.

27. Use it as a spirit level

Because we can't buy those pesky spirit level bubbles anywhere...

28. Use it as a flashlight

Perfect for when you forget to top up your electricity meter.

29. Use it as a metal detector

Who doesn't love a treasure hunt?

30. Use it as a speed gun

Speed kills, so kill your speed - this speed clock app will help.

31. Translate any language

Omelette du fromage

Helping you avoid awkward silences abroad since 2010.

32. Learn any language

Expand your cultural horizons by slaughtering a foreign accent - here are the best language apps on offer.

33. Improve your memory

We're a forgetful bunch, ain't we?

34. Manage your calendar

Because nobody remembers birthdays now, do they?

35. Manage your budget

Save those stacks without a piggy bank... These budgeting apps should be of assistance.

36. Manage your to-do lists

Handle your chores with your phone...

37. Write down your shopping lists

Because nobody remembers detergent in the supermarket...

38. Get a date

Share your love of food and binge watching TV with someone else.

39. Find a restaurant

Nando's, anyone?

40. Find a hotel

Avoid sleeping on a park bench by finding a hotel, hostel or apartment.

41. Find a taxi

Uber is the future...

42. Get directions

Forget an atlas, just use Google Maps.

43. Check the weather forecast

Don't be like this guy.

Because you can't predict the future...

44. Control your thermostat

Keep your climate in control.

45. Feed your pets

Keep those furry friends fed with Petnet.

46. Make coffee

Because, Mondays...

47. Watch films on the go

Perfect when those bus journeys are proving a bit bland.

48. Watch films at home with a smartphone projector

Because you no longer need a TV anymore.

49. Learn first aid

Because you never know when you'll need to perform the Heimlich maneuver. The Red Cross app is the best one we've seen so far.

50. Sell your old clothes

Selling your clothes through your phone has never been easier, and by doing it you can free up wardrobe space for those new threads...

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