5 Things You Wish Your Phone Could Do

5 Things You Wish Your Phone Could Do

1. Stay charged

One of the biggest complaints with smartphones these days is battery life. A phone that would hold its charge for weeks at a time therefore would be ideal. You would be able to go on holiday with one less charger and adapter, and could even go camping out in the wilderness and not have to worry about how to get help when you get stranded. Come to that, why not dispense with wires altogether. Our phones connect to the internet wirelessly, send files wirelessly, and so why not charge wirelessly? While innovations like the Power Mat and Nokia charging pad claim to offer ‘wireless’ charging, we still have to plug these devices into the main electricity, negating the whole point somewhat. It’s a mobile phone after all, so let’s have it completely mobile, and not have to plug it in anywhere.

If I had my way, phones would be solar powered, so would be constantly charging anywhere with light – handy and environmentally friendly!

2. Real-life face recognition

For those times when you think you recognise someone; you know you have met them but can’t quite remember which party that was at or whose friend they are.  Like Shazam for faces, you would simply take a photo (subtly, to avoid awkward questions) of their face and the app would tell you their name and how you know them. This would also work when watching films, when instead of enjoying the film you are preoccupied with trying to remember what you recognise the actor from. Just take a snap of their face find out who they are and get back to enjoying the film.

3. Mood forecaster

How about an app that tells you what your day is going to be like? Like a weather forecast app, there would be a five day forecast of the type of day you’ll be having. Probably more useful than planning your week by the weather, you could plan your week by how you’ll be feeling.  If you knew you were going to be having a great day on Wednesday you’d know to arrange that scary meeting with your boss. Alternatively, if you knew that Thursday was going to be a bad day, you’d know to buy a big tub of ice cream and girly film in advance, ready for a night in front of the TV.

4. Automatic shopping list

To save yourself standing in the supermarket trying to remember if you had carrots at home or not, or rummaging through the cupboards trying to think of what to put on the list before you go, imagine an app that creates your shopping list for you. Every time you ran out of something it would automatically go on the shopping list, and even add it into your cart using an online shopping app. It would also alert you when items you usually buy are on sale, directing you to the particular shops where the deals are.

5. Tell you when you've left it behind

77% of young people say they feel lost and anxious when they don’t have their phone by their side. This problem could be eliminated by a feature of your phone that alerts you when you’re about to leave the house without it. As you open the front door it would shout “don’t forget me!” (or some other polite phrase like that!), and you would rush back to get it. Then you would have the sense of calm all day that apparently for most people, comes from being with their phone. 

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