5 Things You Didn't Know About the Samsung Galaxy S7

What's your favourite Galaxy S7 feature?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is without a doubt one of the best and most impressive smartphones of the year, and we’re huge fans of it – as you’re probably aware by now. We’ve reviewed both the S7 and S7 Edge (which is currently ranking top of our ever-growing list of reviews), and they’ve gone head to head in order to find out which was the best handset. (Guess what? They’re both just as incredible.)

We’re sure you know all about the technical specs by now – from the innovative Always-On Display, to the powerful dual pixel camera and the fantastic Quad HD display. But do you really know everything about the Samsung Galaxy S7? Here are five things that might still come as a surprise!

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1. External Storage

The 32GB Galaxy S7 comes with a microSD card allowing for up to 200GB of storage – but it isn’t all about photos, music and videos. With expendable storage comes the ability to move large, space-hogging apps and games to the microSD card.

All you need to do is pop your microSD card in, and you’re ready to go: first, go into Settings > Storage. Select Internal Storage, then Apps, and choose the app you’d like to move from your internal storage to the microSD. Select it, and under the Storage Used section, choose Change > SD Card. Then, all you need to do is tap Next – your phone will move the app on its own.

2. Samsung KNOX

Did you know that Samsung’s security feature, KNOX, comes as standard on your Galaxy S7? It’s perfect for those who need to keep their personal and professional data separate, as it essentially creates two different ‘layers’ of storage. The second layer is password protected and certain apps or functions are disabled – like taking a screenshot, for instance.

Knox administrators can still allow Dropbox, OfficeSuite and other work-related applications to be used while in the protected mode by downloading them from the Samsung Knox App Store.

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3. Pop-Up View

We all know about Samsung’s split screen feature by now. But there’s more! The pop-up view, or “Floating Window”, allows users to view two different apps at the same time by having one float above everything else on the screen.

To enable the floating window mode, simply go to Settings > Advanced Features, then select Pop-Up View Gesture and turn it on. With this on, you can open any app you want and drag in across the screen from the top left corner to make it into a pop-up window. You can resize any app by dragging the corners in, and a small circle at the top allows you to move it around, expand it to full screen, or close it.

Floating windows on the Galaxy S7

4. SOS Messages

Samsung added a built-in emergency text alert to the Galaxy S7. You can choose the contacts you’d like to be notified if you’re ever in an emergency situation, and all you have to do if that happens is press the power button quickly three times – and your phone will send an automatic message.

What’s more, you can also enable a function which allows your smartphone to take pictures and record audio of the situation and send them with the message. To enable SOS messages, pictures, and audio recordings, go into your Settings > Privacy and Safety > Send SOS messages.

5. Ultra Power Saving Mode

Ultra power saving mode is for those desperate times when your phone is barely hanging to life, but you’re nowhere near a power socket. This mode basically reduces your screen’s battery usage to almost nothing: it turns it black and white, lowers the brightness, and blocks access to the most power draining apps – desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

Also, data will be completely shut off (so no background app refresh) when the screen is off, which should in theory give you a few more hours out of your battery. To turn it on, head to Settings > Battery > Ultra Power Saving Mode.

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