What’s Next! Five Things we’d like to see from the Huawei Nexus!

What's next for the Huawei Nexus?

Motorola wowed the crowds when it launched its version of the Google Nexus, but now that the hype surrounding them has diminished it’s time to move on. Cue the Huawei Nexus, the next phablet which is due to arrive on the Google brand later on this year.

So, with this big screened phone on the way, what do we really want to see from it? We take a look with our list of the top five things we’d like to see from the Nexus phablet!

A New Name…?

Can we really expect the next Nexus phone to have a new name?

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Let’s face it; Google hasn’t done Huawei any favours when it comes down to naming the next Nexus Phone, mainly because there’s already a device on the market called the Nexus 7. It would certainly be strange to see the upcoming smartphone share a name with the tablet, so why not refresh it?

We’re all at odds with ourselves when coming up with a name, with some smartphone fans simply opting for the Huawei Nexus – considering that Huawei will actually be building it. Other fans seem to think Google will stick with its numbered policy by simply skipping the 7 and naming it the Nexus 8.

Either way, we’re waiting to find out what to call this smartphone, and we would quite like something in the near future. So if the guys and girls at Google could pull their fingers out it would be much appreciated!

A Super Specs Sheet!

We certainly aren’t complaining about the specs we were given back with the Nexus 6, but as with any technology, we’ve moved ahead of the times. So why shouldn’t we expect to see an array of new and powerful specs to come our way with the Huawei Nexus phone?

Ideally, we’d love to see a Snapdragon 810 chipset, an octa-core processor and 4GB RAM. This would make the Nexus handset the best phone on the market right now; however the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could run it close on its release.

Huawei isn’t exactly well known for its flagship quality here in the UK, so it will be interesting to see how the company goes ahead with this task. We definitely have faith in Huawei though, so hopefully it produces the goods!

An Instagram Worthy Snapper

Pretty please, can we have a new camera on the Huawei Nexus?

Photographs have suddenly become such an important feature on our smartphones; it would be crazy to cheap out on the kit nowadays. This is why we’re hoping that the Huawei Nexus phone goes all out with its set of cameras!

In a perfect world we’d really like to see the 13 megapixel lens from the Nexus 6 grow to at least 16 megapixels. On the front of the phone it would also be nice if the puny 2 megapixel lens could improve up to the 8 megapixel mark.

Given this sort of power, and some half-decent software, this would make for one of the best cameras in the business, making it more than capable of creating a decent quality Instagram post!

Android Marshmallow?

Would it be crazy to expect a whole new operating system so soon after the Android Lollipop update? Maybe so, but it would still be pretty cool if it did show up!

Obviously we’re asking a lot of Google here, as it tends to wait a while before showing off a new system altogether, but it would prove good competition for iOS 9. The Apple update is due in September, so Marshmallow’s appearance could make for an interesting battle.

A new design would be appreciated, whilst some extra features would also please most fans. Either way, if Google throws it into the mix, it could result in plenty more sales!

An Even Better Screen!

Will Huawei improve on the Nexus 6 screen?

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Admittedly we’ve seldom seen a Google Nexus phone offer up a subpar screen, so it’s almost a given that we’ll be getting yet another top class display this time around. However, we always like to see manufacturers push themselves, and the Nexus is no different in our estimation.

Last year the Nexus 6 cracked the QHD crowd, so why not push the boat out with a 4K effort? Sure it would be a big strain on the battery, but we think Huawei could somehow manage it!

If not, QHD has to be the lowest of our expectations, possibly on a display upward of 6-inches. It would be pretty hefty in terms of size, but again – it would make it stand out, and would be big enough for even the biggest screen hog!

So, what would you like to see from the Huawei Nexus phone? Do you think any of our suggestions will come to fruition? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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