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3 Mobile was originally launched as Three Mobile supplying the latest 3G mobile phones and today are still holding their popularity with mobile phone consumers.

From the outset 3 Mobile decided to undercut the competition with lower line rentals and call charges whilst offering bigger bundles of minutes, texts and data.

So is it time for you to take a look at the latest mobile phone deals on 3 Mobile?

In this report I will highlight a selection of phone deals that may prove irresistible to those shopping for a new smartphone!

SIM only

Okay, so let’s start with a deal for those who have a working phone and just want to save money on their monthly rental payments.

For just £6.90 per month you could enjoy 200 minutes, 5,000 texts and 500MB of data every month and the contracted term is for just 12 months - buy this deal.

Cheap phone deal

Nokia Lumia 520​If you want a new smartphone with a low monthly rental then the Nokia Lumia 520 is a great choice.

You can get the Nokia Lumia 520 direct with Three at £13 per month with 100 mins, 5,000 texts and 250MB of data on a 24 month term – buy this deal.

Latest mobile phones

​The iPhone 5s is the latest offering from Apple and you can get this for £37pm with 500 mins and 5,000 texts along with unlimited data on a 24 month contract – buy this deal.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone can be purchased for £31pm with 500 mins, 5,000 texts and unlimited data on a 2 year contract – buy now.

The HTC One with its awesome sound output delighting music fans can be snapped up for £30pm with 300 mins, 5,000 texts and unlimited data with a 2 year term and cashback is also offered with this deal – buy this deal today.

Need help?

If you haven’t found a deal that suits you on 3 Mobile or any other network then why not drop me an email, including your intended usage and mobile phone desired or phone features desired.

I will do the leg work for you and drop you a reply with the best phone deals available in the UK.

Written by: Michael Brown

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