10 Things you could do with your old phone

10 things to do with old phones

So you have now upgraded to the latest smartphone and are wondering what you can do with your old handset. The phone does not have to remain unloved in a cupboard or drawer somewhere as there are plenty of options for your old phone to keep it in use.

With many smartphones being used for every facet of our lives an old phone can get a new lease of life, simply pop in a new SIM and away you go.

1. Use it as a Sat Nav

Chances are you have already used a navigation app on your old phone so you can keep it and use it whenever you are travelling somewhere new keeping your new phone free for handsfree calls or voice controlled commands.

Sat Nav App

2. Use it for multimedia

Today's demands on your mobile phone can be power hungry sometimes resulting in less than a days worth of juice from your battery. Keep your old phone for watching video clips so your new phone battery lasts longer, simply add an SD card and download your clips and away you go.

3. A toy for a child

As you will have experienced even very young children will want to play with your mobile phone and by simply downloading a few kid friendly games and disabling Wi-Fi you can allow your child to play with your old phone happily.

Game apps

4. Back up your data

If your smartphone has an SD card you can back up all your contacts and information on your new smartphone so you always have it on hand if you lose your data.

5. Keep it in your car 

Forgetful people (like me) can often leave home without their phone or your battery can run out when you are on a journey. Keeping the handset switched off in your glovebox with a fully charged battery will ensure you always have a phone for emergencies.

6. Use it to locate your old phone

There are often occasions when your phone can become misplaced so you can use your old handset to call your smartphone and find it when it becomes lodged down between the sofa cushions.

7. Use it to spy on someone

There may be times when you may want to keep track of someone, such as a child or even a spouse (I won't judge). You can download apps which will give information on the location of your old phone, simply place it in the bag or vehicle of the person and you can keep track of them. 

Tracking apps

8. Recycle your old mobile phone

If you really don't want to keep the phone there are plenty of companies offering a recycle service, giving you an amount of cash for your old handset. 

9. Keep it as a back-up

You may not want to use your phone for anything other than a back-up to your new smartphone. Sometimes accidents happen and should you break your phone you can pop your SIM into your old handset and you are back in communication again.

10. Give it to a friend/relative

You may know someone who could do with a new phone so why not give them your old handset as a gift. Phones last a lot longer than you think, my Grandma is using a phone of mine that is 15 years old!

Do you still use your old handset in addition to your new phone? Tell us your best uses for your old mobile phones by joining the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ or login to comment below.

And if you haven't upgraded yet, what are you waiting for?

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Written by: Carmel Brown

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