10 Things We Miss About The Pre-Smartphone Era

The near-indestructible Nokia 3310

We'll admit it: we're as addicted to our iPhone 6 as the next person. We spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, we're constantly searching for free Wi-Fi, and we barely use our phone to call anyone anymore.

But still, there are some things we miss about the old generation of phones. We sometimes wish we could go back to simpler times, when a phone cost less than £300 and only had three uses: calling, texting, and playing games.

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Here's our list of the 10 things we miss the most about the old days!

1) The battery life

There is nothing worse than getting the low battery alert twice a day

We fondly remember the days when charging our phone was a weekly event, the battery seemed to last for years no matter how many games of Snake we played. (We wish we could say that about our current phone...) There's probably an old Nokia somewhere in our drawer that is still on its last 3%.

2) Polyphonic ringtones

We all had that one friend who downloaded every song as their ringtone (you know, when you had to text these numbers at the back of a magazine to get them.) Someone probably told them to stop after they'd been playing Crazy Frog for three weeks straight.

3) Snake


Enough said.

4) The durability

It's become the stuff of legends: Nokia 3310 are indestructible. But every legend has a bit of truth in it, and our phones went through much more than they should have without ever a crack on the screen.

5) The Nokia tune

You know the one.

6) Customisable covers

Looking back, these Nokia covers were all in pretty bad taste

When will our iPhones come with pink camo replacement covers? Don't tell us to get a case, because it just isn't the same. 

7) The keyboard

Okay, maybe we don't actually miss having to press the same key three times to get a J. We could still type a text in under ten seconds, though - that's some serious skill.

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8) The size

It seemed like every brand was competing to see who could make the smallest mobile phone possible. Unlike the phablets of today, they used to fit perfectly in our pocket (or in our pencil case for sneaky texting in class.)

9) Flip phones

Hanging up never felt so good

We know it, you know it, Adele knows it: there is no better way to end a conversation than by dramatically snapping a phone shut. (The iPhone's red end button just doesn't compare.) Nothing will ever look as cool as our old pink Motorola Razr again.

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10) Composing our own ringtones

We truly were the Mozart of the school if we could play 'Happy Birthday' on our phone's keyboard. Even more so if we'd come up with our very own tune to show everyone how musically gifted we were.

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