10 Things Smartphones Have Made Less Awkward

Feeling awkward? Just whip out your phone and pretend to text.

We'd all rather avoid human interaction whenever possible. Thankfully, we're always carrying the perfect tool to ignore people and mind our own business wherever we go in our pocket - our smartphone.

Here's 10 things mobile phones have made less awkward!


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1. When you’re waiting for a friend and need to look busy / not completely pathetic and alone.

The clicking of a BlackBerry keyboard just screams 'I have lots of friends'.


2. When you’re on the bus and don’t want the person next to you to talk to you.

Maybe if you put your phone reeeeaaally close to your face they'll get the message.


3. When you’re in a cab and don’t want the driver to talk to you.

They don't need to know that no one is actually on the other end of the phone.


4. When you’re at a boring family event.

Honesty is the best policy.


5. When your friends force you to watch a film you hate.

You barely even saw the first ten minutes of The Avengers.


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6. When you want to order takeaway.

Domino's emoji ordering is on a whole other level.


7. When you’re getting back on the dating scene.

When I raise my Tinder finger...


8. When you’re fighting with a friend.

I'm so much sassier via text!


9. When you’re lost in a foreign city and don’t speak the local language.

Thank God for Maps!


10. When you need to prove a point quickly, so you Google it.

Google is the best thing to happen to fact-checking since dictionaries were invented.

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