10 Novelty Gifts for Tech Lovers

Gifts for Tech Lovers

We've scoured the web for the 10 best novelty gifts to bring a smile to a face that is normally buried in tech! 

The best novelty tech for your special someone, the office secret santa, or just for yourself! 

1.   Facebook Shower Curtain

For the tech lover who is only off social networking sites when they are taking a shower. This hilarious shower curtain features a clear panel in place of a profile picture, so the lucky owner creates a new profile every time they go for a scrub. It also features funny updates such as “Shower Head tagged you in a photo”. A must have for all social media fans.

2.   Stealth Tablet Case

As well as being a great novelty item, this tablet case is also a great disguise, concealing your tablet as a battered parcel. This case disguises the tablet as a manila envelope complete with address and postmarks. However it is quite a bit sturdier than a regular envelope, as it is waterproof, tear proof, padded for protection and secured with a Velcro flap.

3.   Virtual Bluetooth keyboard

This small, easily transportable device projects a full sized keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface. Then the user simply types away as they would on a usual keyboard. It can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, anything with Bluetooth capabilities that you need a keyboard for! A truly amazing gift, for the tech lover you have a slightly larger price limit for.

4.   Novelty USBs

Brighten up a tech-lover’s day with a USB drive guaranteed to draw a smile every time it is used. Mimobot has a whole range of novelty USB drives in the form of popular film and TV characters so your techie friend can have a USB drive of their favourite character from Star Wars, My Little Pony, or real life characters such as Einstein and Elvis.


5.   Pixelated Hand Mouse

Liven up somebody’s desk in the office with this novelty mouse. Designed to look like a giant pixelated Windows pointer finger, this mouse adds a touch of geek and fun to anyone’s desk. The mouse has all the features of a normal computer mouse but looks like it just fell off their computer screen.

6.   Smartphone Camera Lenses

Everything looks a bit cooler on a photo taken through a fisheye lens. This fish eye lens attaches to any camera phone by a magnetic ring and matches up with the phone’s built-in lens to create awesome photo effects. Telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses are also available and all make amazing gifts for the phone-ographer in your life.

7.   Novelty Computer Keys

We’ve all had those days when we could have done with a ‘no clue’ or a ‘X%&#!’ button. Let the tech lover in your life relieve their frustration with these novelty computer keys. They are self-adhesive are size of regular keys and can be stuck on a keyboard or wherever they need to vent their frustration.

8.   Retro Phone Handset

For the retro tech lovers, who love keeping up to date with the latest and greatest smartphones, but still hold a soft spot for traditional handsets. These handsets connect to any regular headphone jack and allows you to hear and speak through the handset. You just don’t get the same satisfaction of hanging up on someone by touching the screen as you used to do when slamming down the handset.

9.   Alarm Dock

Give a phone a retro alarm clock look with this stylish dock. The dock has an opening at one side to slide the phone into. When docked the phone displays a retro looking alarm display, and the screen stays on so the time can always be checked – just as with a normal alarm clock. The dock also charges the phone when it is connected to the mains.

And if none of those crack a smile try this:

10.   Nothing

For the tech-lover who has it all. 

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Written by Isabelle Barker

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