Pic Scanner app review

Pic Scanner app review

Today I review Pic Scanner, one of the most useful apps that I have had the pleasure of testing this year.

Pic Scanner appWe all have treasured old photos and family photos from the archaic days of printed photographs and whilst I still remember eagerly waiting for my 24 roll of film to come back from Kodak, I like you have inherited a serious problem.

Printed photographs deteriorate over time with degradation caused by heat, light and humidity, leaving you with a lifespan and preservation conundrum.

Pic Scanner download

There is however a nifty solution that you will find extremely useful in this and other scenarios.

If you own an Apple iPhone or iPad then the Pic Scanner app should be on your download list and I can assure you that even grandad can use it.

You can download Pic Scanner from iTunes here and there is a free 5 Minute Guide available in 14 languages.

The app has been designed for iOS 7 but will also run on older smartphones and tablets that have iOS 6.

Pic Scanner app

Once downloaded the Pic Scanner app allows you to use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to capture and preserve 2, 3 or 4 photo prints in one go.

Cropping images with Pic Scanner

The process couldn’t be simpler, just place the photo prints 1/2” apart on a white background such as a piece of paper and Pic Scanner will crop and save them automatically.

Adding effects with Pic Scanner

This is’t the end of the story though as the app has many other useful features:

  • Edit and enhance photos - A professional finish is only a few clicks away and the built-in tools are easy to use, even if you are a complete novice. Images can be rotated, trimmed and have their brightness and contrast tweaked.
  • Add captions - You might also like to preserve the details written on the back of your old photos such as the place and date from which they were taken.
  • Filters - You can give your photo scans that retro look with Sepia or black and white filters among others.
  • Sharing - Once you have captured and enhanced your scans you can share the results directly from within the app. You can share on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, attach them to an email or back them up in the cloud with Dropbox or iCloud.
  • Create albums - From the cropped gallery you can save your new scans in an existing folder or create a new folder right from your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch.

Create albums with Pic Scanner

Overall this app succeeds extremely well and you could even use it in modern scenarios such as capturing business cards and saving or sharing QR codes.

Sharing photos with Pic Scanner

Trial version of Pic Scanner

The Pic Scanner app is available in a trial version that allows you to test out the flexibilty and power of the app.

The trial version allows you to make 10 free scans and gives you the opportunity to share 3 photos. After this you can purchase the app for a one-time fee of $2.99 (£1.80), which really is a bargain!

Written by: Michael Brown

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