Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga game has been around for a while now and has a following on Facebook like almost no other game.

With this said the game is also available as a free download for Apple and Android powered smartphones and tablets.

 So, the next question is how does the smartphone app compare to the PC experience?

Download Candy Crush

Candy Crush Game Screen

You can download Candy Crush for Apple and Candy Crush for Android here.

The download is 36MB so you may want to do this via a Wi-Fi connection.

Upon opening the game for the first time you are presented with two options. The first will allow you to begin a new game (for first time players) whilst the second will allow you to synchronise your progress with Facebook.

Obviously you will need an internet connection to sync the game between devices. If however your game progress is up to date then you can play offline and update your progress the next time you have access to the web.

Candy Crush gaming experience

Game Progress‚ÄčThe Candy Crush gaming experience on a smartphone is simply superb. My initial thoughts were that it would be difficult to play on a smaller screen but this simply isn’t the case.

Touch operation works really well compared to mouse or laptop touch pad operation and I experienced no accuracy problems at all when sliding those pieces of coloured candy around.


If you have been playing or completed the saga then you may be interested in the new Dreamworld levels.

These levels can be accessed via a tap on the owl which is now viewable on the game progress screen.

These new levels begin from level one upwards and Odus the owl has added a little twist to gameplay so you get to enjoy a whole new experience.


Overall the app works better than the PC experience and it also frees up your PC or laptop if you are streaming TV or downloading a file.

The settings are not located in an obvious place in the app, they are activated by tapping the yellow arrow icon in the bottom left of the display. These are useful for turning off the gaming sounds, checking game notifications or accessing the how to play guide.

So, overall this is well worth a download and will deliver new joy and new levels to the Candy Crush Saga player.

Written by: Michael Brown

Candy Crush Saga