Best Halloween Apps

Appy Halloween! Make this Halloween one to remember, with some great apps for your iPhone or Android phone. Here is our pick of the best:

Digital Dudz

iPhone or Android. FREE

Take your Halloween costumes to the next level with this gory addition from Digital Dudz. The app contains a range of interactive animations from a beating heart, to spooky moving eyeballs, to a gut-wrenching motion-activated “intestines grab and pull”.

This app is designed for use with the Digital Dudz T-shirts, which are created with strategically placed cut outs, which you place your phone behind, displaying the animation.

On a limited budget? You don’t need to buy the specially made T-shirts; simply cut a hole in any item of clothing and display the animation through it. It doesn’t even have to be clothing - show the animation through a hole in the fence, or anything you can think of - the gory possibilities are endless!


Scary Scream Soundboard

iPhone or Android. FREE

Prepare to have a lot of fun scaring friends, family, and unwanted trick-or-treaters! With over 100 scary sounds to choose from, this is one of the biggest and best collections of scary sounds available, and perfect for pranksters.

Everything is so much scarier with the right soundtrack so make your Halloween costume even better by providing your own accompanying scary sounds!

You can even download your favourite sounds, and set a haunting Halloween ringtone.


Horror Movie Quiz

iPhone. FREE

Halloween lovers, test your horror knowledge with this multiple choice quiz about all things scary in cinema. With the option to play against the clock, as well as the ability to earn hints and skips, this is an addictive quiz, complete with sinister images and sound effects. With a huge number and range of questions, this quiz will keep you entertained well beyond Halloween.



iPhone or Android. FREE

Ever wondered what you look like as a zombie? Now you don’t have to. Get into the spirit of Halloween by converting a photo of yourself into a 3D interactive zombie! Take a photo to edit or use an existing photo and in a matter of seconds you are turned into a rotting, bloody zombie that blinks, scowls, groans and moans. Make yourself into a zombie without the mess and bother of face paint! Tap the screen to bring your zombie alter-ego to life, but don’t get too close, it will go for your finger!


Halloween Ghosts

Android. £0.62

Keep the Halloween feeling all the time with a customised live ghostly wallpaper for your android phone.

Choose from a range of spooky scenes for the background and add floating ghosts to haunt the scene. You have the ability to choose the number of ghosts to roam your home screen, and can adjust the transparency of them, to give the level of eeriness you desire. You can also choose to hear ghostly sounds every time you touch the screen. This app also comes with a timer to countdown to the spooky celebrations!


Zombies, Run!

iPhone: £2.49, Android: £2.99

When the zombie apocalypse comes you are going to want to be able to outrun them, and here is the perfect practice. Zombies, Run! combines exercise with gaming in this zombie adventure. As you run the narrative begins through your earphones, with instructions and description, as well as the sound of the zombies chasing you! The aim of your mission is to collect supplies, and the further you run, the more supplies you collect. After your run build the neighbourhood with the supplies you have collected and unlock new missions.



iPhone or Android. FREE

Turn an ordinary photograph into a snapshot from a horror movie by adding your very own zombie! Choose from over 100 zombies to add into an existing photo, or one you are about to take. The zombies can be resized and moved into position, multiple zombies can be added and the transparency can also be altered to create a ghostly zombie. The app allows you to save your creations to your library and even post directly to Facebook.


Room on the Broom Games

iPhone: £2.99, Android: £2.99

This is one for the younger Halloween lover, as this app is designed for under 7s. It is based on the much loved book and subsequent TV animation, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's ‘Room on the Broom’. Children can choose from 8 different interactive games to play, which are designed to enhance creativity and improve literacy. 

Written by Isabelle Barker