Best BlackBerry apps for cricket

With the first test of the Ashes already underway, the last thing you need is to fall behind on all the action at Trent Bridge.

And while the BlackBerry app store might not offer quite as many apps as Google or Apple, this shouldn’t stand in the way of you keeping up with this year’s Ashes series.

CricBuzz Cricket Scores and News

Price: Free

CricBuzz is one of the top cricketing apps, and developers have ensured that BlackBerry users don’t get left behind when it comes to keeping up with the Ashes on their BlackBerry devices. If you’re not lucky enough to actually be at the match, then thanks to its ball-by-ball commentary, CricBuzz is the next best thing.

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Not only can you keep abreast with what’s going on between the Aussies and the Brits in the latest test match, you can also browse through the app’s wealth of editorial features and read in-depth profiles on all the major players.

You can even sign up to notifications for wickets and every 5 overs to ensure that you’re just as much part of the match as if you were at Lords itself. And why not be the font of all cricketing knowledge by sharing the latest scores and news with all your friends via Facebook?

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We were fortunate enough to interview the makers of the app; find out why it’s one of the best apps in the cricketing wold by reading the interview with CricBuzz here.

ECB Cricket

Cost: Free

The ECB Cricket app is another perfect app for keeping up-to-date with the cricket scores as they happen if you can’t get yourself to the match itself or even to a TV or radio.

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The app keeps you updated with all of the cricketing news from  international Test and one-day matches, to Twenty20 and county cricket games, meaning that the app doesn’t become redundant after the Ashes is all over.
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ECB Cricket also integrates with your BlackBerry’s calendar, reminding you when a bit match is coming up (as if a true Cricketing fan would forget...)!

ICC Cricketing

The ICC Cricketing app is the official app for the International Cricketing Council, and is therefore the authority when it comes to watching, reading and hearing about the latest cricket matches.

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Not only do you get access to all the latest news that’s going on within the cricketing world written by accredited cricket journalists, but you can also browse through a whole range of interviews, photographs and even footage of match highlights and radio commentary.  

Cricket Calling

Cost: Free

Cricket Calling might not be quite as comprehensive as the apps listed above, though it is a great app for cricket enthusiasts to communicate with likeminded sporting fans all over the world with the help of the Cricket Calling forum.

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Keep abreast of the latest scores by casting an eye over the regularly updated score cards, or comment on the action to gauge other people’s reactions. The app is perfect for recreating that same social atmosphere that watching a cricket match brings!

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

Best BlackBerry apps for cricket