Best apps to download on Christmas day

So, it’s Christmas day. You’ve opened your presents and you’ve stuffed yourself with every last piece of turkey left on your plate.

So what to do now?

You could put on the TV and watch whichever cheesy film is being broadcast on BBC 1, or you could even dig out a good old fashioned board game (no doubt inducing arguments between various family members forced into the same room for this one magical day).

Alternatively, you could use that lull in the afternoon, when Granddad’s having a nap and the children are engrossed in Finding Nemo, to download the perfect Christmas apps.              

Draw Something

Draw Something is an app which I discovered on Christmas day last year. A bit like Pictionary, but without the flip pads and markers, Draw Something can provide you with hours of fun this Christmas.

Start up a game with you and your mates, or even with your mum across the same room, and you’ll be surprised at how carried away you get!


You put on your best face this morning, but when it comes down to it, there’s no way you’re ever going to wear that pink and green felt handbag from Aunt Flossy.

There’s no point leaving it hanging around; while you’re sitting around waiting for your Christmas pudding to go down, why not take a few snaps and post it on eBay?

Let’s face it, you might not want it, but someone else will.  And surely Aunt Flossy would want you to spend the money on something you really wanted…right?


If DrawSomething is a bit too sedate for your family, why not play a good old game of charades? But rather than racking your brains and coming up with the same old options (Titanic, Ghost, you get the picture…) then why not download a charades app to come up with the ideas for you?

Windows Phones, Androids and iPhones have a range of charades apps, which give you helpful suggestions to bring the whole family together this Christmas.

Family quiz

Speaking of bringing the family together, what better way to create a lively atmosphere than by pitting yourself against one another in a fun family quiz?

Trivia Burst on Android

There are a whole host of quizzing apps you can download in time for Christmas day, and most are suitable for children and adults alike.

Fake Call from Santa

There’s really not that much to this app as it pretty much does what it says on the tin.


Perhaps more appropriate for the run up to Christmas, the Fake Call from Santa app displays an incoming call, lo and behold, from a bearded fella donned in red velvet and fur.

Unfortunately Santa doesn’t talk back through the app, but it will easily dupe little minds into tidying up their Lego and going to bed on time in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

Best apps to download on Christmas day