Best Apps for Visiting the Ashes at the Oval

England might well know that they’ve got it in the bag for this year’s Ashes, but that’s not to say that we won’t see some incredible cricket from both sides of the globe this week.

And what better place to witness this year’s final wickets than the bright lights of London’s Oval grounds? Here is just a selection of the best apps for all those attending the Ashes at the Oval.


Time Out for London

Whether it’s your first time in the big city or not, the infamous Time Out magazine is the best publication to turn to when you find yourself with an extra few hours to spare. And if you don’t manage to pick up a paper copy while you’re in London, why not download the Time Out for London app, available for free on all iOS, Android and Windows Phone handsets.

Time Our London App

Get to grips with what’s going on in the capital, from gigs and club nights to bars, restaurants and film releases to fill your time between the cricketing action.

Download Time Out London

CityMapper – London Transport

Using the wonders of GPS on you smartphone the CityMapper app really does what I believe is something unique. The app has combined all of the London transport systems into one app for the ultimate A to B journey planning experience.

CityMapper App

Real time information on buses, tubes and rail across London are fed into the app with rapid updates so you will be the most informed traveller to and from the Oval Ashes event and anywhere else around the city.

The Tube is probably the favoured choice of travel for most visitors and the app has a detail, crisp and fully zoom-able offline Tube map for you to peruse. Once your route is planned you can receive updates such as your bus leaves in 5 minutes and so on.

Overall this app replaces the need for many individual apps and watch out for the get me home button for when it’s time to leave the big city behind.

Download CityMapper

Tube Map Live Underground

As the number 1 free cross-platform Tube app you can’t go far wrong when choosing this app for your beneath ground navigation. You can zoom in and out of the official London Underground Tube map, check the line status and plan a route.

Tube Map App

It has never been so easy to get around on the Tube as you enter simply your departing station and desired destination. The app will then calculate the route, advise you on changing trains and give you an estimated time of the journey.

Tube Map Live Underground App

The feature I really loved to use was simply the departures board. Okay that sounds strange but I loved the way the time of departures wasn’t showed in favour of a countdown of the number of minutes before the train departs. After all this is what you need to know!

Download Tube Map Live Underground

London Guide, Map & Weather

Okay so you are in London, you have watched the days cricket and now it is time to explore. I could have reviewed the London Official City Ground but that would have been rather dull and predictable.

London Guide

The London Guide app however is right up my street, no pun intended, and offers a bright and clear interface that makes you want to use it!

London Guide for the Ashes

On the launch page of the app you will find buttons including search, browse, attractions, weather (essential info for a cricket fan), things to do, hotels and so on.

If you tap on attractions then a list appears on the screen along with a picture and short summary. Tap on your chosen attraction and a new page opens with extremely detailed information that probably exceeds the knowledge of a local tour guide. The part I really like here are the quick action buttons on this page for sharing, finding nearby hotels and finding things to do close to the location of the attraction. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a road map on which you can zoom in and out.

London Guide App‚Äč

The app is a gateway to all sorts of resources from booking tickets to West End shows to checking that weather report. If play should get stopped for low light over the Oval Ashes event it would be great to hear what the visibility reading shows in the weather segment of the app. Could we finally have a tool for predicating if play is about to be stopped? Comments below please.

 Download London Guide, Map & Weather

Written by: Michael Brown

Best Apps for Visiting the Ashes at the Oval