Best apps for dog owners

Today's best smartphones are often used in every aspect of our lives and as a nation of dog lovers, your smartphone can be a useful tool to keep track of your doggie duties, your fur-baby's health and much more. With smartphone apps being just as important as the phone itself you can download apps to help you with every part of your pets care.

So if you want some apps to help you with your pooch check out these top dog apps we have used and recommend.


This app lets you keep a record of your daily walks with your dog, or dogs, with statistics such as pace, distance and time.

After downloading the app you need to create a profile, which is quick and easy, and when that is done you add your dogs to the app. You can add a photo of your pooch and these are shown on the homescreen of the app.

You can select each dog individually or all of them if you take them out together and then you simply press start walk for the app to monitor the walk. When you begin the walk you are given some tips and exercises to do, although there only seems to be 5 of these in the app as they didn't change on different walks.

Once you have got back home you stop the app and you are presented with the details of your dog walk including average pace, distance and time.

All in all it's a really easy to use app and is ideal for keeping track of your dog walks which is ideal if you want to make sure they get enough exercise.

Dog Health for Android

Dog Health app

The Dog Health app is a handy way of keeping a record of your dogs health needs and vet visits. You can create a record for multiple dogs and it allows you to add stats such as their age, weight and height.

Best dog appsThe memo option allows you to add reminders for anything to do with your pet and the medications section lets you add everything from standard worming or flea treatments to daily medications that your dog may need. When you add the medications you will be asked the frequency of the treatment and the app will automatically add a reminder for the next dose, I found this really handy for the likes of worming or flea treatments which have to be done every two to three months.

You can add details to the medical records section of any treatments the dog has received at the vets and the "Veterinarians" section will give you details of any vet practices near to your location.

I think this app is a handy little record of your dogs history and the medication reminders came in handy for my dog Charlie who is on a daily treatment for a heart condition.

Dog First Aid Methods

Dog First Aid app

Any pet owner knows how scary it is if your dog suffers from an accident or sudden ill health and knowing what to do in the situations can be essential for your pets well being. The Pet First Aid app is an e-book of instructions detailing what to do in different emergencies.

The app shows how to identify if your dog is in shock and shows how to safely approach an injured dog to ensure your own safety. Other features of the e-book tell you how to help your dog if he is choking or needs CPR and when to get your dog safely to a vet for further medical assistance.

This is a handy app to have as a quick reference if you need to help your dog and always a good thing to read a few times so you are prepared.

There are a number of apps out there designed to help dog owners and these three will be useful to any dog lover.

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Written by: Michael Brown

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