Best Apps for Builders

Best Apps for Builders and DIY Enthusiasts: We recently took the Cat B15 builders phone on a test drive and created a Cat B15 review for our readers.

The article reflected the change that these types of phones have undergone in their transformation from big bulky and basic devices to modern well-designed smartphones running Android operating systems.

So, maybe now is the time to take a look at best apps for builders and the DIY enthusiast, after all these phones have been designed to take a beating on a construction site so why shouldn’t we expect them to assist us in our work as well?

HandyMate LITE

The HandyMate LITE app is an incredible tool that will be useful to builders, home renovators, architects, interior designers and home DIY enthusiast.

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At first glance I thought ‘Oh crumbs what have I downloaded’ but as a keen DIY enthusiast I decided to delve a little further as my interest was stirred.

HandyMate LITE is a must for builders and DIY enthusiasts and can be downloaded for free; HandyMate LITE.

Tubular Level

The Tubular Level app for Android is a simple tool but very effective and useful, particularly if you don’t have you tool box at hand.

Spirit Level App

I chose this app to feature here because of the option to lock in a measurement. The two bubbles move for a visual reading whilst the x and y axis show a figured inclination. Just press the lock button to record a reading.

Thinking out of the box, did I really just type that? This tool would be most useful for any construction that was to be set at an angle. Maybe you might like to install a sloped handrail or baluster and want to ensure the angle is perfect or the same if two are running side by side.

Tubular Level is really handy and can be downloading at no cost; Tubular Level.

SquareUp Metric

The SquareUp Metric app is simple but useful. Anyone who has constructed anything will know the importance of creating a square frame or fixing two sides at a 90 degree angle. If your fitting Skirting Board it's important to level things up.

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You can quickly enter the length of two sides and the app calculates the diagonal measurement for squaring up. You can also enter the thickness of a frame to get both an area measurement and volume measurement, which is most useful to know when making concrete. I should also mention that this app is available in metric or imperial.

Overall the SquareUp Metric is pretty simple but sometimes that just what you need! Download for free; SquareUp Metric.

Handyman Calculator

The handyman calculator app for Android phones is another toolkit similar to HandyMate LITE. I would however recommend builders or the DIY enthusiast to download both as each has something a little different to offer or offers tools in a slightly different way, including calculations in both metric and imperial.

Handyman App‚Äč

The opening page of this app contains a long list of calculators of which there are too many to name. I will however mention a few of the most useful.

Other features of note include an electrical wire size, voltage drop, water flow rate, roof rafter, grass seed, drywall and deck board calculators. For ease of use you can see the whole list or just calculators or convertors.

The Handyman Calculator app offers a wide selection of features in a list form and can downloading free of charge; Handyman Calculator.

Best Apps for Builders?

Are you a builder or DIY enthusiast who has a great mobile phone app? Then please share your must-have app by leaving a comment below.

Written by: Michael Brown

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