5 Mobile Phone Apps to keep Mentally Fit

Your brain is just like a muscle in your body and as such you must exercise it on a regular basis in order to keep it mentally fit. As you age you may find it harder to solve problems, make calculations in your head or use logical reasoning but there are a series of mobile phone apps that will help you regain the sharp thinking mind that you used to have.

Mind Games by Mindware Consulting

Mind Games‚ÄčThe Mind Games app is a collection of games designed to help fight the effects of ageing on your brain. Using cognitive psychology the app includes 17 games and each presents a different challenge.

There are memory based games where you need to remember for example a number of faces and then answer afterwards if a particular face was one in the list you viewed. There are also special awareness tests and tests to challenge your accuracy and speed.

Out of the collection my personal favourite is the Speed Trivia game where a question is asked and you then need to construct the correct answer using word fragments shown below. You can also test your maths skills, mental flexibility and vocabulary.

Test Logical Reasoning

Test Logical ReasoningThis handy little app has been designed to help you improve your problem solving and reasoning skills with a series of questions divided into multiple categories. These range from Number Series to Logical Problems and from Analogies to Theme Detection.

Each category contains up to 200 questions and exercises complete with guidance on how to complete each and there are an extensive number of illustrative examples included.

You can also select several categories to mix-up the problems, keeping the app varied as you enjoy using it in any spare moment.

Brain Age Test Free

Brain Age Test FreeThis app is a very simple tool, yet a little addictive. The app works likes like a mini-game and you have just a few seconds to remember the ascending order of numbered bubbles which appear on the screen.

The bubbles turn red and block out the numbers and from here you need to tap each in the correct ascending order from memory. At the end of the program you will be given an estimated brain age and you can enter training mode or keep playing to decrease your brain age score.

Most modern smartphones can handle multitasking and this Brain Age Test Free app has the option to enjoy your music files in the background whilst you are using the app.

Sudoku Free

SudokuThis mobile phone app recreates the popular Sudoku game for your smartphone and this is definitely a mental challenge and one that you noticeably see an improvement on if you play on a regular basis. There are 5 levels of difficulty making it suitable for new and experienced players.

The basic principal of the game is to figure out which numbers of 1-9 fit where in each box of nine spaces. You cannot repeat a number in a box and it mustn’t be repeated in a horizontal or vertical line with its neighbouring boxes.

This is a game that you will be playing for years ahead and one that will keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test‚ÄčEver wondered what your IQ score is? Well this mobile phone app will run you through a series of problems to solve to generate an IQ score for you. You may wish to perform the test prior to using the apps mentioned in this article and then repeat the test at a later date to see if you have managed to increase your overall IQ.

IQ scores generally fall into 8 categories listed below for your information.

If you have a mobile phone then download these no-cost apps and begin your journey to metal fitness.

Written by: Michael Brown DHP mobile phone consultant and clinical hypnotherapist with Psychotherapy.

Keep Mentally Fit