App of the week: ZenAwake

App of the week: ZenAwake

With our lives getting more and more hectic, getting out of bed each day, especially in the cold, dark winter mornings, can almost seem impossible. And even when you’ve had the earliest night you could possibly have without being considered old and boring, nine times out of ten, you’ll still never jump out of bed with any great enthusiasm come 7 o’clock the next morning. This week’s app of the week is inspired by mornings just like this.


ZenAwake is brought to us by Bright Ideas, and is an app specially designed to wake you up each morning in a less obtrusive manner than most conventional alarm clocks. Rather than bursting out the familiar tones that almost give you a heart attack at 6 am every morning, ZenAwake plays gentle, subtle tones ten minutes before your requested wake up time, which allows you to stir naturally.

While you might think waking up naturally is a load of codswallop, it would seem that there’s method in ZenAwake’s madness. According to popular belief, as well as scientific research, people perform better based on the amount of sleep they get each night. While this sounds obvious, what people probably don’t realise is that the old idiom that you can get out of the wrong side of the bed is true. Well, sort of.

The promotional video compares two imaginary characters, Mike, who is jarred awake by an obtrusive alarm, and Sarah, who using ZenAwake stirs naturally with the help of a series of gentle chimes over a ten minute period. The moral of the story is: wake up happy, stay happy, wake up tired and you will find yourself yawning all through the day.

The ethos of Zen Awake is ‘Wake up Better’, and the ‘Golden Ratio’ (the named given to the periodic pulses sent out from your smartphone via the app) allows you to wake up slowly so that you emerge from a deep sleep feeling refreshed.

What’s more, you don’t just get the benefit of waking up on your own accord with ZenAwake, but you also receive an inspirational quote each day from notable figures such as Ghandi or Einstein. You can even share messages of wisdom with your friends by posting it to social media sites, sharing your early morning positivity with the rest of the world. Well, every one of your Twitter followers at least…


Even the alarm tones which wake you up each morning are intended to be inspirational, as they are influenced by Tibetan singing bowls which provide harmonious tones often associated with meditation.

The mobile phone app has been developed by two enthusiasts from Vancouver, Canada, who were intent on solving users’ issues with existing alarm clock apps. Sunny Gosal, Bright Ideas’ Product Designer said: “We took everything into consideration when designing this app. Even the colours are specifically chosen to be easy on your eyes first thing in the morning.”

To download the app:

At present the app is only available on iOS devices. However, as the app was only released at the beginning of this month, the Android version is expected soon, and there is an email alert that you can sign up for to let you know when this does occur.  ZenAwake also costs £1.49, but while it’s not free like so many apps today, if it could make a difference to how grouchy you feel by mid-week, why not give it a try?

To sign up for the Android email alert, visit the website at: or follow the app on Twitter with @ZenAwake. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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