App of the week: SnapKeys

App of the week: SnapKeys

This week’s app if the week is one which could solve a problem that many of you probably don’t know you have. But after just 10 minutes of using the app, you’ll soon realise that you can’t live without it!


SnapKeys is an alternate keyboard which makes typing emails, messages or social media posts even faster and easier to type. Rather than your usual QWERTY keyboard that we are all used to, the SnapKeys keyboard consists of only four boxes, each housing four letters within each. The app creators have worked out the most used letters in the English language, placing these letters within the four boxes that display on your screen.


When typing a sentence, you don’t have to be too accurate in pressing the exact letter that you want; simply touch within the corresponding box and the app will work out which word you are typing. As only 12 letters are displayed on screen, I, Y, T, W, N, A, O, R, D, E, S and L, when you want to select a letter that is not visible, you simply touch in the blank space between the four boxes. The clever app guesses which letters you want, and in doing so formulates the word. If the word you want doesn’t appear, select it from a list displayed at the side of the screen.

The app has been developed as a result of extensive research into the use of keyboards on smartphones, after it was discovered that many users find traditional QWERTY keyboards take up too much room on a small smartphone screen. It is also possible to make the SnapKeys keyboard translucent, in order to read messages underneath it, which again, is something that your average QWERTY keyboard cannot do. The app remembers words that you use most often, and even allows you to insert new words that aren’t already in the SnapKeys dictionary.

The app can isn’t just used to type out text messages and emails though; by making SnapKeys your default keyboard, you can use it for social media posts, search engines, Instagram and Youtube. The main benefit of SnapKeys is that it allows you to comment on visual pages or posts much easier than with a QWERTY keyboard, as you can view the entire image through the keypad, without having to continuously scroll up and down.


SnapKeys was founded in Israel in 2008 as a means of improving the way that people interact with text on their mobile phone. Benjamin Ghassabian, the CEO and founder of SnapKeys, said: “Despite innovations in smartphone and tablet technology, mobile devices today are still reliant on QWERTY-based keyboard designs, which were originally intended for typewriters and computers as a separate peripheral from the screen. The screen space of small mobile devices is precious and cannot be occupied by many keys.”

Although I didn’t instantly understand the concept of SnapKeys when I initially installed it on my smartphone, I soon became used to the intelligent text input which transformed the way in which I drafted emails, text messages and social media posts. Because you don’t have to be too accurate in selecting letters, the app makes texting on small touchscreen keyboards a hundred times faster, as you don’t have to keep deleting letters when you have accidentally selected the wrong one!

To download the app:

SnapKeys is available for free for both Apple and Android devices, and takes only a matter of seconds to set up on your phone. The website also offers video tutorials to aid set-up and to ensure that users are making the most of the mobile phone app’s smart features.

To find out more, visit:, on Twitter: @Snapkeys or on Facebook at:

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