App of the week: OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

If you’re off on any city breaks this summer, or are just exploring different parts of the UK, this week’s app of the week is handy for getting you around on foot and in the car.

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation, as you’d imagine, is a great mapping app which can help direct you to whether you want to go, either in the car or on foot.

Unlike Google or Apple maps, which are great for pinpointing where certain locations are, OsmAnd makes sure that you actually get to where you need to be, giving you clear audio instructions similarly to a car’s sat-nav.

The main thing that makes this app stand apart from all of the other satellite navigation apps on the market is that it is specially designed with cyclists and pedestrians in mind. There are numerous road maps ideal for navigating your way around unknown walkways without having to rely on phone signal or your ability to identify where’s north and where’s south without a compass!

OsmAnd Maps and Navigation is our app of the week

The OsmAnd Maps app is also extremely useful when abroad: not only does it cover practivally the whole world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, but it also functions offline, which means you won’t accrue roaming charges that usually penalise you for using your phone overseas. Simply download the map for the areas that you want to visit and you have the safety in knowing you won’t get lost as soon as you step off the plane.

If you are using OsmAnd Maps as a cyclist- or even as a pedestrian- the app displays contour lines (via an additional plug-in) to help you gauge how hard the terrain will be on your journey, which again is something that normal navigation apps don’t offer.

What’s more, OsmAnd Maps lets you search for points of interest (POIs) in your local area or intended destination- again, much like a sat-nav- which is great for discovering places to eat and drink or to stay overnight.

To download the app:

The app is free to download, but is only available on Android devices. Simply choose which maps you want to have access to (a maximum of 10 maps for the free version of the app) and start navigating. Additional plug-ins for the app are available, including the OsmAnd Contour Lines plug-in (£1.99), OsmAnd Parking plug-in and a premium version of the OsmAnd Maps & Navigation priced at £4.99. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation