App of the week: G Cloud Backup

App of the week: G Cloud Backup

Only last week was I browsing through my gallery on my phone when, instead of pressing ‘share’ as I had intended, I accidentally chose to delete the 4 minute-long video that I had just spent hours trying to persuade my colleagues to feature in.

As I frantically tried to make it magically appear in my gallery once again, I knew that I hadn’t backed the file up, or transferred it to my computer.

And I’m not the only one who ‘misplaces’ various files or images from time to time, and apparently 20,000 mobile phones are lost each month in the UK, with over 43% of data being lost with each device.

This week’s app of the week is to save the sanity of all Android users who have experienced their phone or data being lost, stolen, or just ‘misplaced’. 

G Cloud Backup

Although it would seem that every other mobile phone manufacturer is jumping on the Cloud bandwagon at the moment. But this week’s app of the week, G Cloud Backup, is different from the rest.

G Cloud Backup is a free mobile app available on all Android devices (sorry iPhone users!), and does exactly what you’d imagine: it backs up your phone’s data.

However, what makes G Cloud Backup stand out from the rest of the Cloud file storage and management systems is the fact that the app backs up your device on a daily basis without you even realising it’s being done.

You have the option of selecting exactly which features you want the app to backup, which leads me onto the second reason why G Cloud Backup is better than the rest. The app not only backs up data such as documents, pictures, videos and music, but it also saves all of your contacts, text messages, emails, and even your browser’s saved bookmarks.

What’s great about the app is that it will only start a system backup when your phone has at least 25% of battery, and is connected to WiFi. This means that you’ll never find yourself with a shock at the end of the month when your phone bill comes through the post, nor will you have to suffer from your phone running flat as a result of running the app.

This is the main feature which makes G Cloud Backup an ideal app for those of you who, don’t necessarily just want to back up your files to make it easier to access from other mediums, butwant to use it as a precautionary measure if your phone gets lost or stolen.

The CEO of the app creator, US-based Genie9, developed G Cloud Backup for this main purpose. He has stated:   "Data loss statistics are very frightening. With one phone getting lost every 3.5 seconds in New York, we immediately thought of a way to minimize this horrific scenario; for if we cannot stop crime, we can at least salvage our digital life." 

What’s more, G Cloud Backup can help the transition of switching between handsets or mobile platforms that little bit easier. With an automatic daily backup, you don’t have to transfer any contacts, messages or photos across to your new device; simply download the app again and select ‘restore’.  


To download the app:

The app is available for free from the Google Play Store, and gives you 1GB of automatic storage. However, the app gives you the option of increasing this data allowance up to 8GB just by Tweeting and posting about the app on social media sites. If you require more storage, however, the app also gives users the option of purchasing 16GB and 32GB on an annual subscription.


 Have you even lost your phone and wished you’d backed it up? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Alternatively, to post a comment. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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