App of the week: Friend Bet

App of the week: Friend Bet

This week’s app of the week is perfect for those who want to make the most of what apps are about: having fun. While mobile phone apps that tell you what time the next bus is departing, or what the latest stock prices are can be really useful, they are also quite mundane.

That’s why we have selected Friend Bet as the app of the week, not just because it’s a fun app that can pass the time between meetings, but because it’s a great way to get all of your friends communicating, laughing, and even fighting against each other!

Friend Bet

Friend Bet is a light-hearted and entertaining app which uses social media sites to share bets, serious or fun, with your friends.

How often are you propped against the bar at the pub when your mates start making ludicrous allegations that, for example, they met Madonna on a holiday in Ibiza, or that they could beat you hands down at a penalty shoot-out with their legs tied together? Everyone has got a friend who likes to create a challenge. And now you can make a small-time bet down your local official, sharing the wager with friends and family on social networks.

Friend Bet has been developed by Harry Sirpal, a first-time app creator from Birmingham, who came up with the idea when in his local pub: "We were making bets about football and we realised we also wanted a way to share the bets with our mates in Canada and get them involved.” Sirpal goes on to say: "People love to bet and the great thing about Friend Bet is that there are no bookmakers. Not everyone wants to go into a bookies to place a bet and not everyone wants to bet for money.”

The app is not on the same level as other betting apps, such as William Hill or Paddy Power, which are more serious sites that use real money; Friend Bet is just a fun challenge between friends, either to test your competitive spirit against one another, or to win the all-important bragging rights that will settle any disagreement over who’s the best.


What’s more, placing a bet, however serious or silly it is, costs absolutely nothing in real money. You decide the terms of the wager; bet for a round of drinks next time you’re out, a free meal, or even for your friend’s services as a servant for the day! If it’s out there on all social media pages for all to see, the loser can do nothing but cough up. Advertising the wager with buddies on Twitter and Facebook also allows you to add others to view the stakes, upping the ante to form a group bet.

And if you have a competitive edge, you can even battle it out against friends for gold coins; the more bets you win, the more virtual treasure you will acquire. Betting with Friend Bet might not line your pockets, but who cares about money when there’s pride at stake?

To download the app:

Unfortunately the app is only available on iOS devices at present. However, its creator promises us that the Android version is in the making, and should be released by July at the latest. This may be a long time to wait, but once your Android-using friends join the app’s circle of fans, there’s no stopping the bets that you can place.

Friend Bet can be installed for free, allowing you to place bets with any of your fellow iPhone or iPad owning pals.

To learn more about Friend Bet, or to view FAQs about the app, visit the website, or add Friend Bet onTwitter: @friendbetapp or Facebook:

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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