App of the week: Endomondo

App of the week: Endomondo

This week’s app of the week is one for those of you who want to get fit, but need a little help along the way. Amongst the wealth of fitness apps available, Endomondo is just one which can act as your training partner each [painful] step of the way!


Endomondo is a health and fitness app which allows you to track and improve upon your workouts, whether you’re walking, running or cycling.

The app primarily tracks your distance, meaning you no longer have to go jogging with a particular route in mind, or have to spend hours Google mapping it online afterwards. Simply press ‘Start’ on your phone, and begin exercising!

Not only does Endomondo track your route using GPS, but it also times your workout, calculating your distance, speed and calories burned, much like other fitness apps.

However, where Endomondo stands out is in its ability to act as your personal coach, motivating you each step of the way. Firstly, you can set goals and targets throughout your workout and the app with vocally notify you when you have reached these markers. Endomondo will also give audio feedback each mile or kilometre that you travel, spurring you on.

Because of the app’s simulation with social media sites such as Facebook, you can post all of your workouts online, sharing your achievements with friends; in fact, you can go as far as competing with friends’ records, using the app’s vocal coach to motivate you. Your friends can even write you motivational messages which will be read aloud to you if you're in need of extra encouragement!

The music tab on Endomondo’s dashboard is especially useful; simply glance through all of the best tunes which inspired you in last week’s or last month’s run, walk or bike ride to simulate your best performance.

Furthermore, if you upgrade to become a Premium member, you can access even more of Endomondo’s fitness features, including a heart rate monitor, weather information and even input interval and weight training sessions.

To download the app:

The app is available for free from both the Apple and Google app stores. However, to upgrade to the Premium service, users must pay $2.99 a month, or an annual fee of $19.99.

Although you have to create an Endomondo account to use the app to its full extent, this also allows you to access the online Endomondo site to post, track and review all of your workouts.

Why pay good money for an expensive GPS tracker when you can simply use your smartphone? Try Endomondo and let us know how you get on via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Are there any other fitness apps which could rival Endomondo? below to post a comment. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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