A novice’s view of the HTC One

A novice’s view of the HTC One

I gave the brand new HTC One to a long time Samsung fan to see whether even users familiar to Androids liked HTC’s take on HTC Sense, Zoe and BoomSound.

Getting used to the live home screen can be a bit tricky, but does our guest road tester think it will catch on?

What were your first thoughts on the HTC One?

Initially I thought that the phone was really big. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S3, which is technically bigger, but I think that because the HTC One’s screen takes up more surface area, it makes it look wider. Other than that, though, I thought the phone was quite sleek and light.  

Did you like the live home screen?

I really liked the fact that all of your social media posts showed up on the home screen, because that’s usually the first thing I look at when I unlock my phone anyway. However, if you press on a particular Facebook post, it just took me to the Facebook app which I used to carry on looking at updates, so it kind of defeated the object a little bit.

I did like being able to choose which newspapers or magazine I saw articles from though. I’m really into sport but hate snooker and golf, so it’s good that you can choose which specific sports you get stories about. Because of the live screen as well, you don’t actually have to click on a story to see what it’s about- if you’re not interested just scroll past it.

Also, I liked the fact that you have a normal home screen too in case you want to revert to the traditional way of doing things!

How did the camera compare to other phones you’ve used?

At first I didn’t get the difference between normal mode and HTC Zoe. And when I did realise, I didn’t see the point in it taking 3 second videos instead of a simple photo. However, when I looked back at the movie that the HTC automatically makes, I saw how cool the short clips made the movie look.

Although I liked HTC Zoe, I’m glad that HTC lets you use the normal camera as well to take traditional photos that I’m used to with my Samsung.

Is HTC BoomSound all that?

I’ve actually bought Samsung speakers that I use to listen to the music on my phone, which was obviously an additional expense, so having a decent set of speakers on my phone itself would definitely make a big difference.

When I tested the HTC’s speakers I was actually really impressed, as I didn’t actually think a phone could be as good as actual purpose-built speakers.

Would you trade in your Samsung Galaxy S3 for the HTC One?

As much as I liked the HTC One I’m not sure whether I’d want to move away from my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 just yet. I think I’ll wait until the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out and then I’ll be able to decide…

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